Houston ranked 10th dirtiest city in the country

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HOUSTON, TX – Something to be said for Houston; we keep making the top 10 lists!

Yes, we’re a proud city!! This time we’re the 10th dirtiest city in the country, at least as viewed by tourists who visit our fair town.

A survey done by Travel and Leisure Magazine asked tourists and residents to evaluate U.S. cities in various categories.

We excelled in barbecue, luxury stores, hamburgers, winter and affordability, but we don’t seem to keep our city clean. But is that how we view ourselves?

“Parts of it that are very spotless, and I’m sure that there are others that are an eyesore, but generally I don’t see it as that dirty,” says E.J Ceasar.

Laura Cook said, “Overall, no, I don’t think so. I’ve been to other cities that have really shocked me, so I’m pretty pleased, and it’s pretty green here.”

Most of us don’t agree with the survey, but at least we’re not in the number one spot. You guessed it, New York City.

At least we’re still ahead of Dallas who was 7th on the list.