Mix of Euro-Asian cuisine comes out of the BLU

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SUGAR LAND, TX – BLU in Sugarland’s Town Center offers a world class menu.

“We try to bring the world to BLU, to Sugarland,” said Executive Chef and Owner Junnajet Hurapan.

The mix of Euro-Asian cuisine comes out of the blue.

“I’ve been doing a lot of one cuisine either Asian Cuisine or Italian but now BLU give me different varieties,” he said about the experience. “I can do tacos, I can do crispy fish, Pad Thai noodles, so it’s pretty broad.”

Born in Bangkok and raised in New York City, Jett, as most people call him, can finally let loose in Houston.

“I love one thing about Houston, TX. I don’t have to hold back on my spices. I can go all out, so with me a Thai guy in Texas It’s on,” he said happily.

Chew on this! While Jett is a ball of fire in the kitchen, his often silent partner Pastry Chef Jira Hurapan balances him out.

“I’m the spicy guy. She the sweet one, so that’s how we roll,” he explained.

The culinary pair has been working together for twelve years. She’s more than a partner in the kitchen. She’s his better half. They’ve been married for ten years. That’s gotta be hard on a marriage.

Jira admitted, “Sometimes here and there we fight.”

Jett let it be known however that, “At the job I’m the boss. At home she’s the boss, but the way it goes she’s always the boss anyway. You know how that rolls.”

Yeah we know. She’s got you on the old ball and chain.