Was Jesus married?

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BOSTON, MA – An ancient Egyptian script contains text that has never been seen in Christian scripture. It says, ‘Jesus said to them, my wife….’

The script was loaned from a private collector to Karen King, a Harvard Divinity professor says it shows Christians as far back as the second century discussed whether Jesus was married. These 33 words are either an historical new clue or ancient trash; depends on who you ask.

A scholar, ‘Although it is authentic, it is not inspired words of God.’ A priest, ‘Is this the same Jesus? There were a lot of Jesus running around the Middle East.’

Houstonian, Anthony Magdelano, ‘My understanding is that Jesus probably had more important things to take care of rather than having a wife or having children for that matter.’  But Meagan Nason says, ‘I do believe it because Jesus still was a man and he needed a partner to love him.  He had needs to and that`s what made him so great… that he was on our level.’  Anthony Cossey is not sure. ‘There`s a lot of conflicting things in the Bible but as for him having a wife… I don`t know.’

The late Sam Kinison says he know. ‘ I know Jesus was never married. First of all he leaves on Friday afternoon with 12 other guys. He`s gone for 3 days.  He comes home looking like he never slept.  No wife would buy this story in 100 years.’

Jesus’ marital status has been debated for centuries and we may never know the answer.  It’s too bad Facebook wasn’t around back then… because everybody would know his marital status… and you know he wouldn’t lie about it.