NJ bans smiling in drivers license photos

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NEW JERSEY – You can smile in Texas.  You can smile in most of the U.S.  But you definitely cannot smile in New Jersey.

Don’t blame it on Jersey Shore coming to an end.  Blame technology.  According to a new policy of the Department of Motor Vehicles, photos on New Jersey driver’s licenses will require neutral face expressions.  Don’t be sad – that’s not neutral either.

The no-smiling rule is necessary to implement new software.  If applicants play with their faces, computers will not be able to identify them.  And that’s how, once again, security killed freedom of facial expression.

But here’s the joke: in Pennsylvania and Delaware they are using the same software and people are allowed to smile anyway.  So, instead of asking a whole population to change their photos, why don’t they use software; such as Facebook’s face recognition system for instance?  It works!  And most importantly, it could help Mike Zuckerberg find a real source of income for his company.

The new regulation will make everybody look like zombies.  More proof that the attack has already begun.