Playboy launches online wine sales

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BEVERLY HILLS, CA – Apparently selling magazines chock-full of naked women isn’t cutting the mustard these days.

Playboy enterprises announced it’s expanding its offerings for all you lifestyle aficionados out there. The Playboy Wine Club is a partnership between Playboy and Barclay’s wine offering full-case wine delivery starting at 129 bucks.

Playboy CEO, Scott Flanders, says the move is the first in a series of web-based ventures being developed by the company as magazines across the board struggle to develop new revenue. The idea is to combine Playboy’s iconic brand with Barclay’s selection of boutique wines in a venture designed to bolster the magazine’s licensing business. And it’s not the first time playboy has done something like this. In 2008 the magazine offered its own brand of wines featuring vintage Playboy covers on the labels.

Playboy’s circulation has fallen in the last year and the magazine has responded with an ebook series to help bolster revenue and is in talks to create a Playboy-branded beer in Brazil.

So guys, if you want to do your part, pick up a Playboy tonight, order a bottle of wine and if you’re lucky, maybe a girl will drop by. Otherwise Playboy might start offering its own brand of lotion. You never know, right?