Driverless vehicles now street legal in California

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MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA – Most of us won’t live to see the days of flying cars, but thanks to California’s Governor Jerry Brown, the world will see driverless cars on the roads.

Brown made all the Google lovers geek out, when he signed a law that will allow the company’s autonomous vehicle to hit the streets of the golden state. Joining Nevada as the only two states to ok self-driving vehicles, Cali’s DMV will have to create a whole new set of laws and regulations.

Still a little iffy about trusting a computer to do the driving for you? Trust the stats, after more than 300,000 miles of testing the only accident the Google car had was at the hands of a human.

You’ve got a much greater chance of being road kill at the hands of Lindsay Lohan or Amanda Bynes than you do this smart car.