Georgia gun club to serve booze

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POWDER SPRINGS, GA – Things that don’t mix: water and oil, Joe Biden and public speaking, Ann Romney and black leather, guns and alcohol. Not so fast!!

In Powder Springs, Georgia, a gun shop just got the thumbs up to open a shooting range that serves booze. The owner says he’s not sure they would be successful without the liquor license and pointed out Georgia law says anyone with a permit can take a gun into a restaurant or bar, so they’re just “taking it a step further.”

Of course, the second amendment of the Constitution guarantees an individual the right to bear arms. And the Governor’s Gun Club (as they call it) promises folks will only be served drinks in their lounge, not on the range, and won’t be allowed to go shoot afterwards. But this still seems a little nuts, right?

So if you head over to “Powder Springs” next year for shots or a little shootin’, make sure you follow the advice of our favorite gunslinger, Houston gun shop owner Jim Pruett, “Stay alert. Stay safe. Stay alive.”

And maybe… stay sober.