Two children severly burned after playing with fire

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HOUSTON, TX – If you play with fire, you’re going to get burned. A lesson a group of kids learned the hard way at the Grantham Academy, in northeast Harris County. The Harris County fire marshal says four kids, ranging in age from 9 to 11, were using rubbing alcohol and setting newspaper on fire on school grounds, because… well, that’s just what kids do when they’re unsupervised.

Think Bevis and Butthead, then you’ll get it!

However, a little too much alcohol turned some mischievous youth behavior into a really dangerous situation.

Fire investigators say while the kids were pouring the rubbing alcohol they tried to light a piece of paper on fire and it caused a flash. Both an 11-year-old boy and girl were hurt. The girl fared better than her counterpart. She was treated at the school for burns on her arm, and was released.

The boy was rushed to Memorial Hermann with second-degree burns covering half of his body. Fortunately, he’s in stable condition, but did have to be taken to Shriner’s in Galveston later on.

The fire marshal’s still investigating.

Wonder how long it will take for this flame game to turn into the blame game!