Lifeguard pig rescues drowning goat

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USA – In a world filled with wars and rumors of wars, where miracles seem to occur only in fairy tales, comes a story just in time for the holidays.

Pig Tale Films is proud to bring to the digital screen the true story of ‘The Kid and Pig’. (Not really, but play along, OK?)

What began as a regular ol` day at a regular ol` petting zoo in Regularville, USA, turned into every mother goat’s nightmare when a little kid swam into the deep end of the wading pool.

It looked like the little tyke was buying Old MacDonald’s farm, until some pig, this one, heard the call of the wild, and swam to the rescue.

With a nudge of his little pig nose, our pink porcine hero led his friend to safety.

What can we say about this pig that hasn’t already been said? And how can we explain what happened?

We don’t know. No one knows for sure.

But it happened.

Call it ‘Baywatch on the Farm’. Call it ‘Some Pig’ to the rescue.

Call it whatever makes you happy, or whatever makes your cockles warm.

Just know that because of the miracle pig, someone will have goat meat for Easter.