Parents party in nightclub while kids sleep in car

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HOUSTON, TX – Move over Mickey Mouse members, it seems there’s a new “make-shift” kid’s club in H-Town that’s soaring in popularity!

It’s not the babysitters club. It’s the “Kid’s Car-Klub,” and it’s landed two new members in Child Protective Services! Misty Robinson and step-dad Alvin DeGar have been charged with child endangerment, after an off duty HPD officer working security for the Nox night club on Washington, says he found a three and 5-year-old asleep in the back of a car while their parents were inside.

Making this already dangerous situation even worse; the security officer says he also found a gun in another car in the same lot.

Cops say that weapon belongs to Houston rapper, Killa Cal-Wayne, who’s been charged with felony possession of a firearm.

We wouldn’t leave our new iPhone 5 in the car, so why would anyone assume children would be fine in there?

Besides, reason would imply if you’ve got money for a club, you’ve got money for a babysitter!