AniMeals on Wheels delivers pet food to home-bound seniors

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HOUSTON, TX – Bettie Carter and her sister get deliveries from Meals on Wheels daily.

Wednesday’s food delivery wasn’t for the sisters.

“These nice people from Exxon Mobile wanted to bring some pet food for Stinky,” Denise Atkerson, Director of Volunteer Services at Interfaith Ministries for Greater Houston, told the ladies as they brought in a bag full of dog food for their dog Stinky.

“They bring food for my dog, which is very important to us, and they bring it every month and we look forward to it and so does he,” Carter said.

AniMeals on Wheels helps homebound seniors feed their four-legged friends so they don’t feed them the little food they have for themselves.

“It’s been found that the seniors were giving the pets their meals that they were delivered, so that their pets had some food and so the seniors weren’t getting proper nutrition either,” explained Laurie Bowman, an Exxon Mobile volunteer.

The program only works because of donations and volunteers like the group that went out to packaged bags and deliver them to the elderly clients.

“We currently have 450 Meals on Wheels seniors, we feed 1,100 pets and we send out over 7,000 pounds a month,” Atkerson said.

If you feel compelled to donate, they could use the extra food. It all helps to give people like Bettie Carter and Stinky a better quality of life.

If you are unable to donate dog or cat food, Interfaith Ministries will purchase product on your behalf. For approximately $180, you can feed a pet for a full year.