Chef who boiled wife in restaurant found guilty

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LOS ANGELES, CA – A Los Angeles-area restaurant owner is in hot water. Not because of what he cooked, but rather, who he cooked.

David Viens has been found guilty of second degree murder for boiling his wife at the couple’s restaurant, Thyme.

39-year-old Dawn Viens disappeared nearly three years ago. Her remains still haven’t been found.

David said the couple had been fighting because he thought dawn was stealing money from the restaurant. David claims that on the night of her death, dawn took cocaine.

He told investigators that he bound his wife and put duct take over her mouth so that she wouldn’t drive around wasted. David says he went to sleep, and when he woke up, she was dead. He told investigators that he boiled dawn’s body at their restaurant for four days to dispose over her body.

Now thyme’s owner will be doing time. He faces 15 years behind bars. 15 years doesn’t sound like nearly enough time to marinate over what he’s done.

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