Man on horseback leads police on 5 hour chase

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BUNNELL, FL – Florida isn’t the Wild West, but don’t tell that to these two. Florida police say 29-year-old Charles Cowart and his horse, “The Wiley Coyote” led them on a five-hour chase after the dynamic duo blew through a stop sign and kept going.

“We tried to stop him and talk with him to get off the horse, he took off at a gallop, through most of the areas in the city,” said Randy Burke with Bunnell Police Department

Police say Cowart was drunk. You think?

“It was a large crowd of people who were beginning to follow him around and he’d almost run over several people with the horse as well as in and out in front of cars,” said Burke.

Police said people gave him stuff along the way, including headphones when Cowart’s pair stopped working. Now that’s southern hospitality.

Police stopped traffic and even a train for Cowart and Wiley before Cowart’s dad caught up to him and pulled Cowart off the horse.

But it didn’t end there. Cowart fled again, this time on foot, into the swampy woods. It didn’t take long for Police K9 to chase him out.

As for Wiley? He’s A-OK, and back on the farm.

So, why on earth would someone do this? Cowart’s father has an explanation:

“That’s my son and he’s mentally depressed and the families behind him and we’ve got him where we can help him,” said Chuck Cowart.

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