Teacher self-made millionaire after selling teaching ideas online

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MACON, GA – Teaching isn’t the fastest way to the high life. But that didn’t stop this first grade teacher-turned-self-made millionaire.

“Like probably 90 percent of the teachers in America I was juggling bills like, ‘okay, I can pay the electricity bill this week and I’ve got seven more days before they turn off the water’,” said first grade teacher Deanna Jump.

But, it’s Deanna loves her job, and has some pretty creative ideas in the classroom.

After a chance encounter with another teacher, Deanna put two and two together.

“And she said your stuff is so good, you have got to get in on Teachers Pay Teachers. I said, I don’t even know what Teachers Pay Teachers is,” said Deanna.

Teachers Pay Teachers is website where educators can buy and sell their original teaching ideas and resources with one another. The ideas sell for around $5-8 a pop. It doesn’t sound like much. That is, until you realize Deanna has sold over 161,000 units. Do the math: that makes Deanna a bona fide millionaire.

She says the money hasn’t changed her. Deanna still drives her Kia to work every day, showing a little love to Teachers Pay Teachers on her license plate, of course

Deanna says she has notebooks full of ideas still to come. And you know what that means: cha-ching!

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