Texas prisoner fights for kosher meals

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BEAUMONT, TX – Max Moussazadeh wants his kosher meal behind bars!!

He can have it, but has to pay for it while serving his murder sentence at the Stiles unit in Beaumont.

Moussazadeh is serving a 30 year sentence for a 1993 murder, and says he wants to follow his Jewish faith, which includes a kosher diet.

In 2005 he sued The Texas Department of Corrections wanting the state to provide his dietary desires.

The conflict in this story:  Max was an inmate at the Stringfellow Unit, which has a kosher kitchen, but because he was naughty a few times, and was caught with prohibited substances, he is now in administrative segregation at the Stiles Unit, which doesn`t have a kosher kitchen, but provides prepared kosher meals, at a cost to the inmate.

His case was dismissed by a lower court, which is now awaiting a ruling in the U.S. Fifth Court of Appeals.

The Texas Department of Corrections says if he followed the rules, his religious needs would not be a topic for discussion.

Should the state provide special meals for prisoner?

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