Video shows missing journalist held captive

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HOUSTON, TX – Like a deadly game of lost and found. After his last Tweet about having an awesome birthday with members of the Free Syrian Army on August 13th, Houston freelance journalist, Austin Tice, went completely off the grid. Until now.

A video was posted on YouTube showing Tice in, what looks like, the hands of jihadist captors in Syria. It’s the first time Austin’s family and friends have seen him in over two months, and while it’s tough to watch it’s a relief just knowing he’s alive.

Tice’s family’s staying hopeful saying, in part, “Though it is difficult to see our eldest son in such a setting and situation as that depicted in the video, it is reassuring that he appears to be unharmed.”

It seems though that Austin’s condition in the video has also raised some questions about exactly who is holding him captive. Some think the video was staged to discredit the armed opposition to the Syrian government.

Would that be considered a Taliban knock-off? Like the Tali-bun?

Where there’s one conspiracy theory there’s usually another. Other pro-Assad bloggers say the video proves the “western media is working against Syria.” Can’t speak for other news outlets but we can assure you, this is not an attempt to change your views on the Syrian nation. The State Department doesn’t have a problem saying it though! They’ve come right out and said they believe the Syrian Government’s the one holding Austin captive.

No matter who’s behind the video, or who’s responsible for holding him, we’re just grateful Austin Tice is alive! Hopefully the next time we see him, Austin will be getting off a plane in Houston!

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