Harvard takes top spot on richest school in nation

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USA – Tuition prices are increasing everywhere, but where does that money go? Would you believe that some schools are just sitting on mountains of cash?

A recent endowment study found 75 institutions in the states have over a billion bucks in the bank.

But who has the most?

Harvard takes the top spot of course, and how much money does it take to be the richest school in America? Harvard is sitting on $30 billion!

Ivy League schools aren’t the only ones on the list. Texas was represented!

The University of Texas is the number 3 hoarder on the list and is the richest public school in the nation. A&M is number 10.

It doesn’t look like any schools will be able to dethrone Harvard as the richest school any time in the near future. Plus, the success of a recent Asian-American Harvard alumnus in the NBA will have other alumni willing to open those wallets.

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