New selection of R. Allen Stanford items to be auctioned

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HOUSTON, TX – Going once…going twice…sold to the highest bidder!

Back in the day, the highest bidder was probably former billionaire R. Allen Stanford, you know, before he got 110 years in the slammer for his Ponzi scheme.

There was an auction a few months back to get rid of Stanford’s stuff from his home.

Not to worry though, there is still a warehouse full of crap you can bid on if you really want to own a piece of Stanford.

This new selection of items is from Stanford’s estate in Saint Croix located in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Maybe you’d like a nice golf cart? Some refrigerators? We know you really want a pair of water skis?!

The proceeds go towards settling some of the 20,000 claims against Stanford. Of course, it’s a long road to pay back $7 billion.

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