SheWee allows women to pee standing up

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UNITED KINGDOM – To all the women out there, it’s time to stand up and take control… literally!

Peeing just got easier for you with the she wee.

Ladies can now pee standing up.

British inventor of the see wee, Samantha Fountain, convenient last name, developed the idea while she was backpacking in Europe.

Fountain said, ‘ the SheWee which is a portable urinating device that allows ladies to wee while standing up.’

Apparently it’s pretty easy to use.

You unzip your pants, pull your underwear to the side, place it underneath and start peeing.

This is ideal for ladies camping or hiking; but what are you supposed to do with it once you’re done wee weeing?

‘Well once you’ve used it, you might find there’s a couple of drips in there. You want to give it a shake and then put it back in the case,’ Fountain said.

Fountain also says, the she wee is designed so no liquid will attach to it after a few shakes; it’s repellant.

So ladies no more squatting and getting pee all over you.

This is only to be used for urine, not an ideal ‘adapter’ for… well you know.

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  • Pauline Price

    Fantastic idea! I've used it a couple of times at home in the bathroom, practising my tecnique and not had any problems. Unfortunately, I think I need to practise somemore, given that I had a major accident whilst on a camping trip at the weekend! Perhaps it was due to holding on for so long; the flow rate was poor but constant, sadly so was the overflow and once it started there was no holding back. I immediately recognized the overiding warmth and had no choice but to let it flow. Disappointed at my inability to use my SheWee in the wild, I had to change my bottom half and dry off my combats. Thankfully I went prepared for just such an eventuality!

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