Commander Data says Apple is ripping off Federation ideas

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LOS ANGELES, CA – As the hi-tech universe observes the one-year-passing of Steve Jobs,

And salivates over a ripe rumor that Apple will release a smaller version of the iPad sometime after Columbus Day,

A former crew member of the Starship Enterprise is claiming Jobs and Apple ripped off Federation property.

Lt. Commander Data, also known as University of Houston graduate Brent Spiner, is taking a galactic dump on the apple corps by pointing out ,that the iPad is the twenty-first century version of the Federation PADD, and that Uhura’s ear piece is just a larger version of today`s Bluetooth.

Then, there’s the communicator you can download to your iPhone or Android.

Of course, Federation gadgetry inspiring today’s technology is nothing new to Trekkies, or Trekkers, which makes us wonder if this latest data is (are) part of a diabolical plot by Apple to get us to buy another product.

After all: Resistance is futile.

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