Houston Rockets’ Royce White re-joins team

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HOUSTON, TX – Ever had a serious case of anxiety? Feelings of tension? Sweating? Your heart’s pounding? How about an intense fear of flying?

At the ‘Newfix Common Sense Clinic’ we don’t need a medical-doctor’s opinion to deduce that people who experience those sorts of anxiety problems should avoid high-stress, overwhelming situations.

So, for example, rule out becoming a political figure, a movie star or joining a team in the NBA. Surely the Houston Rockets considered this before drafting Royce White, who missed the first week of training camp, so he could form a “long-term” plan to deal with his obsessive compulsive disorder and fear of flying!

Did he think Houston only played home games?

At least he was back with the team for training camp practice in the Bayou City and he seems to be feeling good about the season ahead. In all sincerity, we wish this talented young man the best of luck this season, but common’ Kevin McHale! It doesn’t matter how great he performs ‘on’ the court, if he’s busy having panic attacks on the bench!

Besides, how will it even work? Does White take off at halftime to drive to another city for their next game? Jeeze, where’s the Dream Team when you need ’em?

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