Officer issues ticket over woman’s HIV status

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DEARBORN, MI – If you needed more proof that education in this country is a joke, look no further than the Dearborn Police Department.

At least one officer there thinks getting infected with HIV is as easy as catching the common cold. (It’s not, by the way!)

Police dash cam video from a traffic stop back in August shows an officer writing a woman a ticket because she failed to reveal her HIV status before he searched her vehicle.

It all starts when the officer discovers some medical marijuana and prescription meds.

Woman: “I’m HIV positive.”

Cop: “OK, that’s probably something you want to tell me when you get out of the car, OK? You ever get pulled over for any reason; you want to tell us, OK? Because I want to make sure I put gloves on and all that stuff.”

Did you catch that?

According to this officer, if you get pulled over for any reason whatsoever, the first thing out of your mouth should be ‘I have AIDS.’

Cop: “Here I am digging through your purse with all your piercings and stuff like that in there? What if I got stuck with one of your earrings or something like that?”

Woman: “There’s no earrings in there.”

This goes on for about half-an-hour, and the officer is clearly rattled.

He even brings up another traffic stop that made him pause.

Cop: “I found a needle on a guy once and he didn’t tell me. We’ll just say he doesn’t do that anymore. He’s not going to forget anymore…and even though I’m still pissed about the HIV thing, I’m still cutting you guys a break. I’m not taking anyone to jail.”

So the officer hands out a couple of tickets, and a lesson on “proper” pull-over etiquette.

Cop: “As soon as I am getting you out of the car, say ‘Sir, I’d like to tell you I’m HIV positive.'”

Now all cops in Dearborn will be getting a lesson on HIV and AIDS.

Cop: “Honestly, if it wasn’t for that I don’t think I would have wrote anybody for anything, but that kind of really aggravated me.”

You got to wonder if other cops are really aggravated about how he handled this.

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