Orlando Cruz comes out as first gay boxer

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SAN JUAN, PUERTO RICO – Professional boxer Orlando Cruz delivered a knock out by decision.

The world’s #4 ranked WBO featherweight says he’s decided to come out of the closeted corner and tell the world that he’s a proud, Puerto Rican gay man.

Hey, you sure can’t tell by just by looking at him that he’s . . . Puerto Rican.

Cruz now becomes the world’s #1 openly gay prize fighter, which is a probably a real blow to a lot of homo-phobic ring watchers.

Even Cruz admits he wondered if coming out was a good idea, considering that boxing is such a ‘muy macho’ sport.

The only other professional boxer to come out is Emile Griffith, the former welterweight and middleweight champion, probably best known for killing his opponent in the ring in 1962, after the guy called him a queer during the pre-fight weigh in. Griffith didn’t admit to his bi-sexuality until many years after he retired.

As for Cruz, he goes mano-a-mano in the ring later this month, with a big weight off his shoulders.

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