Skydivers supersonic jump postponed due to wind

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ROSWELL, NM – The death-defying jump has been postponed.  Now Felix Baumgartner should live to see Wednesday.

The 43-year-old former military parachutist from Austria is like a daredevil on steroids. He’s attempting to break the sound barrier with a supersonic from 23 miles above sea level, a plunge that could kill him in various unpleasant ways.

A rip in his pressurized suit could cause “blood boiling,” or he could pretty easily spin out of control along the 10 minute drop approaching 700 miles an hour. And while he probably won’t fall into an airplane, coming down from more than three times the height of your average jetliner, it’s got to be a remote possibility, right?

They postponed the Red Bull sponsored record attempt on Tuesday because of wind.  At 700 feet above ground, the wind was 20 miles per hour. It needs to be about 3.

Maybe that was Gods way of saying ‘Don’t!”

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