1 in 5 Americans have given up on God

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HOUSTON, TX – One in five Americans don’t believe in God.  That, or they call themselves agnostics– meaning they believe there is no proof of God. Basically, they’re Doubting Thomases.

That’s up 8% since 1990, according to Pew Research.

Seems odd for a country who still proclaims “In God we trust” on our money. But maybe that’s for the 79% of the country who identify with an established faith group. Majority rules and all.

For the under 30 crowd, a third said they don’t have any strong ties to an established religion. “They may see the emphasis on doctrine as somehow limiting, especially if they don’t agree with all of the teachings of a particular religious tradition,” says Anne Morris, who teaches World Religions and Theology to Houston high school and college students. “They look around them, they see their friends who belong to other traditions don’t believe in the same things, and they’re still good people. So they don’t see this difference in doctrine as important.”

Or could it be because of stuff like pedophile priests or folks who kill in the name of religion? We see so much bad stuff associated with God or religion today– who would want to be affiliated with it? (Maybe that’s exactly what the devil wants us to think… if you believe in him).

For the record, non-believers tend to be more Democrat than Republican. But that doesn’t really matter since a Gallup poll a few months ago showed 54% of us would vote for a well-qualified atheist.

Morris adds, “They may feel like organized religion has not supported them at key moments in their lives. Perhaps they’re going through divorce… or perhaps they’re gay and they feel rejected by the (religious) community.”

Actor Zach Braff recently tweeted, “There are almost 5 thousand Gods being worshiped by humanity.” to which he added: but don’t worry … only yours is right.

Maybe that’s where the truth lies: the world is how you perceive it. God can only hope!

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