Gambia president claims he has cure for AIDS

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GAMBIA, AFRICA – Far, far away… in the tiny African state of Gambia there is a cure for AIDS; so says its leader His Excellency Sheikh Professor Alhaji Dr. Yaya Jamay.

Yaya, as his friends call him, isn’t a professor or doctor; though he did stay at a Holiday Inn Express once.

So what’s in his magic concoction? Only Yaya knows other than boiled herbs, the ingredients are secret.  His background to develop an AIDS cure is based on: a high school education, a military coup that put him in power and a hatred of homosexuals.

We all know AIDS is not a gay disease but not everyone is so enlightened. In 2008, Yaya issue a final ultimatum saying he’d cut off the heads of gays and lesbians if they didn’t leave the country. Developing a cure seems like a contradiction until you learn; his patients must stop taking their anti-retro viral drugs which makes them more susceptible to infection. It’s no wonder that The World Health Organization and United Nations are alarmed.

It may be awhile until the world knows how many Gambians, gay and straight, died courtesy of Yaya’s treatment.

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