Michigan State professor strips naked in front of class

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LANSING, MI – Picture this, you’re in a boring calculus class and the professor goes on one of his usual rants about aliens and whales taking over the world or something.

You start tuning him out, but soon all hell breaks loose and your professor is running around naked.

This was the scene for students at Michigan State University.

A math professor identified as 57-year-old John McCarthy allegedly stripped completely naked, except for his socks, and walked down a hallway screaming things like, “There is no (expletive) God.”

Emergency 911 dispatchers got eight calls from students and faculty about the strange incident.

One caller said, “He’s in the hallway screaming.”

The operator asked, “Somebody’s screaming? Do you know what’s wrong with them?”

The student replied, “No, maybe they’re drunk or something.”

Another professor also called in and said, “He’s just yelling ‘I have a gun,’ and he’s rambling something we don’t understand. But he’s completely naked and he’s walking the hallways.”

By the 5th and 6th call, it seems the naked professor lose on the campus isn’t a big deal to operators.

In another call the operator answered and a student said, “Hi, can I get a police officer sent to the engineering building.”

The operator cut him off and said, “We’re already on the way. The guy yelling?”

The student explained, “Uh, yeah he’s stripped naked running through the halls now.”

The dispatcher replied with little to no urgency, “Ok. We’re on the way.”

MSU police took McCarthy into protective custody then took him to the hospital. No one was hurt and the professor isn’t charged with a crime. No crime? The students saw their 57-year-old professor in the buff.

Days later McCarthy said he doesn’t remember a thing. MLive.com got a copy of an email he sent to the 31 students in his calculus class apologizing for the incident.

He wrote, “Although I do not remember what happened, I have been told that I may have caused distress among my students during Monday’s class. For this I am truly sorry.”

Since the meltdown, the students have been reassigned to other classes. Hopefully the new professors keep their pants zipped.

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