Restaurant serves roadkill during lunch

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WILLIAMSBURG, KY – Warning: If you are eating while reading this, please put your food down momentarily.

In Kentucky at Red Flower Chinese restaurant it’s a non-menu item that’s tough to digest.

Customer Jack Hardigree said, “I was just like, oh god. You know. I was like, I couldn’t believe it. I just could not.”

The county health department shut the place down after the owner admitted to bringing in roadkill, a deer found dead on the highway.

Sheriff Colan Harrell of Whitley County said, “Apparently they were going to feed it to customers, they had it all cut up and they were dissecting it.”

Customer, Katie Hopkins, says she was the one who called authorities after watching the deer being wheeled in during lunch.

“There was this tail, a big, white, fuzzy, tail,” says Hopkins. “A leg was sticking out of the garbage can. They had a box on top of it. They were wheeling it in there, like really quick, like trying to hurry. One of the other employees was mopping up blood that was dripping out of the garbage and on to the floor.”

The question is; has the restaurant done this before?

“I don’t know,” Sheriff Harrell responded.

Even though it’s closed some people could be seen behind the restaurant’s locked doors.

Of course they didn’t respond to knocks on the door. And we have a feeling the doors will stay locked because who in their right mind would ever eat there again?

One customer sums it by saying,”For them to have picked something off the road! Who knows how long it had been dead?! No!”

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