Small business owner tells Obama to kiss his…

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WALLER, TX – Where else in the world can you get the Super Bowl, a redneck resort and the likes of Honey Boo-Boo Child? Only in America folks!

As the election gets closer it’s often our differences that seem to define us. One of the biggest double-edged swords in our nation? Freedom of speech. One man in Waller is certainly exercising his right to express his feelings.

Chris Newcomer owns Design Air Systems and after hearing President Obama’s comments, about business owners having help making their companies successful a couple months back, he decided now’s as good a time as any to share his feelings on the topic. So, he made a sign telling our democratic {resident to kiss his donkey (for lack of a better word)!

We can’t say we would’ve gone about it the same way, but that’s the beauty of our country. We support freedom of speech when we agree whole heartedly, and when we disagree completely.

Remember, the greatest voice we have, is our vote!


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