Teen arrested for squeezing, then twisting officer’s man parts

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Dallas, TX – It’s widely said that former Nixon White House counsel and convicted Watergate conspirator Charles Colson had a sign on his office wall that read:  ‘Once you have them by the balls, their hearts and minds will follow.’

Well, not always, as a young man in Dallas learned the hard way.

Reports say 19-year-old Cory Weddington, III became unruly when asked to leave a Dallas nightclub after employees caught him drinking. He`s under-age, of course.

A police officer used one of those Jedi moves and took him to the ground. But as the officer was trying to cuff him, Dallas police say Weddington reached up and grabbed the cop by his man-parts and squeezed, causing the officer pain.

This happened twice more, with a some twisting thrown in for good measure.

The cop had to beat him off to get him to stop.  Hey, that’s what happened, okay? He beat him off, cuffed him and arrested him.

He’s lucky he wasn’t in some other Texas city.

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