Vice presidential candidates’ debate in Kentucky

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DANVILLE, KY – The top bananas had the political stage for last week’s presidential debates, And now it’s time for their second bananas to show us who’s more a-‘peeling’.

That’s right, boys and girls, besides baseball and football, tonight is the big debate between the vice presidential candidates Joe ‘The Gaffe’ Biden, and Paul ‘I Work Out’ Ryan at ‘The Thrill in the Ville’ at Centre College in Danville, Kentucky.

The Republican challenger admits the vice president has considerably more political experience, but he says he knows Biden`s strategy. ‘I know how he’ll come and attack us. The problem he has is that he has Barack Obama’s record he has to run on.’

Most polls put the presidential race at a virtual tie after last week’s debate where Mitt Romney put the political hurt on President Obama. Democrats hope Vice President Biden gets through the night gaffe-free, something he hasn’t done in a while.

‘Nothing like standing up before 20, 40, 50, 60, 70 million people,’ Biden told reporters.’ So all debates are tough, but I’m looking forward to it.’

President Obama says he’s confident in Biden.

The problem for the Democrats is that the Republicans are as well.

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