1 dead after man pushes women out of speeding car

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HOUSTON, TX – No one’s sure if the two women who got into this car early Friday morning did so voluntarily, or if they were forced, but there’s no doubt if they had any idea what the driver had in mind, they never would’ve gotten inside.

HPD says the bad ride started on the Katy Freeway, in the city limits heading west. Something happened inside that car, and cops say the driver started shooting at his two passengers. One woman was able to jump out of the car. She was taken to the hospital, in stable condition and hopefully will be able to help detectives piece together what happened, when she recovers. The other woman wasn’t so lucky.

Police say she was either shot to death or was in serious condition from being shot, when the guy pushed her out of the car, where she was run over by several other drivers dismembering her body.

The guy kept driving, but eventually ran into the back of this 18-wheeler, spinning out of control ending up in the median.

Of course, the coward got out and ran away, but cops are trying to track him down. Too bad low-life’s don’t come with the low-jack option!

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