Giant eyeball found on Florida beach

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POMPANO BEACH, FL – Strolling the beaches of South Florida, people might see the usual assortment of shells and starfish. But something quite different washed up on Pompano Beach and it was a strange sight to see… a giant eye sitting on the sand and staring back at the beachgoers.

The softball size eyeball, large enough to be cupped in two hands, is now with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Research Institute. Researchers are looking at the bluish, purplish orb to see if they can figure out what it might belong to.

Some potential candidates are: a giant squid, a whale, maybe a large swordfish, or quite possibly the Kraken. We hope there’s an eye patch big enough for that thing.

So, something to think about the next time you take a trip to southern Florida. The thing big enough to have an eyeball that size, might be watching you from the deep.

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