Singles Sniff Way to Love at Pheromone Party

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Sniff your way to love? Why not. That was my attitude when I heard about the first ever Pheromone Party being held here in Houston. Since I’m a single girl I thought I’d participate in the matchmaking, social experiment.

For three nights I wore the same white t-shirt to bed. After waking up I would place it in a zip lock bag in the freezer. That way my “natural” scent would be sealed in and ready to be sniffed out.

Finally it was time for the big night! I irrigated before, to make sure my sniffer was in tip top shape. Then headed on over to the big event hosted by the Houston Social Source at Nouveau Antique Art Bar. Thankfully, my partner in crime, Craig Hlavaty, seen in Between the Lines on NewsFix and writer for The Houston Press, accompanied me to help me sniff out a lucky guy.

I handed over my zip lock baggie with my shirt inside and got a number. Then an announcement was made and single sniffers were to go to their age appropriate tables. Thank goodness they were separated or I could have sniffed out my grandpa (let it also be noted that I was one of the youngest people there).

If I liked what I smelled, a photographer would snap my pic while I held the bag with the number inside. At the end of the night a slideshow rolled on a projector. If you were interested in the person holding your bag you could go strike up a convo.

Alright, here it goes. Hopeful and curious I opened up a bag and inhaled. And what did I smell? Jalapeno Potato Chips! GROSS! Onto the next bag which smelt stale. I went through the minimal bags on the table and didn’t find any sensational scent. In fact, by the end I was a bit nauseous.

But Craig and I did catch a whiff of plenty of singles who liked what they smelled and then proceeded with awkward flirting. At least they left with a date.

All I can say is cologne was invented for a reason.

And that’s today’s helping of Online Dish.

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