Big Bird Halloween costumes are selling like crazy

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USA – Feathers flew when Mitt Romney suggested he’d be doing away with Big Bird and friends during the first presidential debate. His suggested cuts may kill two birds with one stone, because costume shopping just got easier for a whole lot of you. Mitt’s ‘foul’ comment inspired a new fashion trend.

This Halloween season the naughty nurse and sexy pirate are for the birds. The yellow, feathered, Sesame Street character is the hot new costume of 2012. Ruffle our feathers; we go from Angry Birds last year to an angry bird!

The costume sales have spiked 500-percent online and in store since the debate, and if what’s good for the goose is good for the gander, we don’t think Mitt will be changing his tune, because after his debate performance, Romney will probably just dress up as the next US President.