Social apps just for couples

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While social networks are great tools for sharing with a large community online, when it comes to communication between couples, there are better–more appropriates–alternatives.

If Facebook and Twitter are billboards, these apps are the love letters.

“We’re bombarded on Facebook, we’re bombarded on Twitter, and i think it’s a nice little hub for people to be in love and, not gross people out,” said Social Media Strategist, Kinsey Schofield.

There are plenty of couple-centric apps growing in the marketplace but a few stand out.

First up is Avocado.

“I loved, loved, loved the fact that you share a password with your significant other,” said Schofield. “You can also set a unique sound so you know when a message is coming from your boo and not your boss.”

Our second favorite was Pair.

Pair offers a “draw something” kind of aspect where you can send pictures back and forth Schofield said.

And, for a more intimate interaction, the app includes the thumbprint kiss feature. You press your thumbprint on there and it sends your significant other a kiss.

“Nothing says ‘I love you’ like a greasy thumbprint on the screen of your iPhone,” said Schofield.

Next up, Cupple is another private social networking app that’s really big on location based sharing.

For example, if you’re walking past a coffee shop you went to for your first date with your significant other, the app can geotag the location to send a little “thinking of you” message to your special someone.

And finally, Between has the most installs of all these apps. But some say it’s a bit too much. The app offers several features for couple to share their thoughts to one another it keep track of too much data. Or as Schofield said, “it’s perfect for the more needier couple.”

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