Celebrity trainer gets Houston fit

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HOUSTON, TX – Ever notice how little energy we put into being fit and healthy during the cooler months? Just look around the NewsFix offices and you’ll see the crap we eat around here. That’s what celebrity trainer Ron “Boss” Everline and his team offered to whip the crew into shape.

“I work with artists like Ne-Yo, Adrienne Bailon and Christina Milian,” Everline listed a few of his celebrity clients.

He also partners with CJ The Workout Kid, the 10-year-old Hercules who does exercise videos for kids.

“CJ’s one of those kids that’s inspiring other kids, so it’s just been a great movement,” he said of the child exercise guru.

Boss played football most of his life, but the Missouri City native found a new passion in fitness.

“I fell in love with fitness the day I met the lady that told me I changed her life so she could have a baby by losing weight,” Boss recalled, “and just realized that I can make a difference in the world outside of sports.”

If he’s good enough for singer and actor Ne-Yo, he has to be able to get the NewsFix group down to size.

“It’s 100% dedication and you just have to want it more than anything else,” he suggested. “Just surround yourself with people that want to live healthier.”

He’s not stopping here. Soon all of Houston will be back in shape with Boss’ new boot camp at Memorial Park. It’s a 45 minute group class every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday at 6:00 am and 6:00 pm.

“We want you to come out and have fun and be active and lose weight right with nutrition and having fun and it not being a chore,” he explained.

So that means no over-the-top fitness instructors, just a bit of friendly motivation.

“It’s not about screaming at you. It’s about getting you to maximize whatever potential and everything you have,” Boss added.

Maybe then Houstonians will maximize their potential to not eat so much.

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  • Alfonso

    Saw from a friend on fb that you guys have a get fit houston at memorial park does it end nov 9th or start? Would like to get back in shape and try something new. Please share any info.

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