El Paso cave man found living in state park

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EL PASO, TX – A man cave today is no big deal, but one guy in El Paso has taken that concept old school– like pre-historic.

See– Chris Redfearn and some friends discovered a cave while hiking in Franklin Mountain State Park above the border town. When they tried to go inside, they said a naked dude ran out and chased them away.

Who is the guy? He wouldn’t give his name but told a local reporter he’s lived there for three years.

Some folks living in apartments down the mountain are scared. They say he uses their playground monkey bars to work out, bathes in their laundry room sink and even steals their clothes.

But “Captain Caveman” (as we’ll call him) doubts the accusations, saying many of those people are the same ones who give him money. He also sells his blood plasma, and so he says he eats out regularly “from the dumpster buffets and from the fast food joints.”

You might write this guy off as a kook who has lost touch with reality, but not so fast. He stays up on current events and has strong opinions about the 2012 presidential race.

“Which Bush are you going to vote for?” he asked. “The Black Bush? Four years in office– did he downsize government? But he bailed out Wall Street, and he makes them downsize the corporations. How about Mitt Romney– the Mormon Bush, the White Bush. Did he downsize the Massachusetts government? You know, they talk about all this helping America, but they want to keep paying the federales.”

Alright– so his views are a bit out there. What do you expect from a guy who lives in a cave? Still, he can’t do that forever, right? “I have no long-term plans in that regard,” he said.

[Full interview with the El Paso “Captain Caveman”]

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