Man discovers mastodon tooth, won’t reveal location

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KARNES CITY, TX – It’s said, ‘Seek and ye shall find’… but sometimes, you just get lucky. Davy Villanueva can relate.

He was fishing in the San Antonio River, southwest of the Alamo City when, “It caught my eye,” says Villanueva. “And I walked in the river and sure enough I reached down in there and pulled it out and like wow I never seen anything like this.”

This was the tooth of a mastodon.

Long in the tooth, the Mastodon lived about 3.7 million years ago until it became extinct about 10,000 years before Christ. That history is not lost on Villanueva who says he’s found other bones at the same spot.

“I don’t know. It might be the whole skeleton there”

And for that reason he’s not telling anyone where the mastodon mausoleum is, including his wife.

Nor is he looking for the Tooth Fairy, at least not yet. Though he’s had offers.

“He pulled out his wallet and said I’ll give you five one hundred dollar Benjamin’s… I said, Nah.”

So what would he take for his rare discovery?

‘A million dollars… ha ha ha. No, I know I’m not gonna get that but I really don’t know what the value is.’

One thing Villanueva is sure about, “I’m pretty sure this thing would have eaten the Chupacabra.’

Hmm, prehistoric monster versus imaginary goat sucker; Villanueva’s probably right.

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