White most popular car color in 2012

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WORLD – What does the color of your car say about you? We don’t need to be psychologists to tell you that if your car is white, you are part of the majority.

Auto paint manufacturer PPG found that 22% of vehicles sold worldwide in 2012 are white. Silver comes in second place with 20% of sales.  Black third with 19 percent; followed by gray, 12%; red, 9%; natural, 8%; blue, 7%; green, with just 2%, and other colors, 1%.

Now, let’s play the shrink!  This is what we read on-line: white is the color of choice for people going through a transition in their lives.  Silver and gray are elegant choices for those who are more established and are looking to the future. Black is power. Red is sexy, speedy and comes with a whip in case you need it. Pragmatic customers choose natural.  Blue means confidence, and green is for well-balanced folks who want to stand out.

So many choices and most of us prefer white, gray and black to express ourselves.  Funny, isn’t it?

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