Astronomers find planet with four suns

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THE PLANET MERCURY – We don’t know what those spaced-out cats at NASA have been smoking, but maybe they shouldn’t Bogart it.

Because what they’re seeing requires a perspective of galactic proportions. And it has to do with Mercury, the planet closest to the sun.

There’s not much going on there, except for craters. But apparently someone at the space agency thinks there’s somethin’ special about a crater. They tell us it looks an awful lot like the Cookie Monster to them.

Something tells us Big Bird had a hand, or something, in this.

But there’s another crater on Mercury that looks familiar, too. Fozzie Bear, maybe?

So, do you think the Muppet public relations spin is working overtime?

To close out our outer space segment, we have this story about the discovery of a planet with four suns. It’s about 5,000 light-years away, and scientists have named it PH 1, after the Planet Hunters site.

The planet is a gas giant, about six times the size of earth.

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