Have you been “Chi’Lantrofied?”

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HOUSTON, TX – A new movement is here, and the ‘Chi’Lantrofication’ has come to Houston on a food truck.

“We started in February of 2010 back in Austin,” said Operations Manager Chris Xavier. “In the move out to Houston, we’ve had so much feedback, ‘hey, I loved you guys in Austin, so glad you’re here.'”

They’re serving up Korean-Mexican fusion cuisine.

“We take a bulgogi style meat, which is Korean for ‘fire meat,’ and we throw it in to Mexican ways of serving. We’ve got tacos, burritos and quesadillas,” explained Xavier.

Yea, we know you Houston foodies are hip to the whole Asian-fusion food truck thing. Chew on this! There’s something special about having the original.

“We have a signature dish called the kimchi fry. We originated the dish and its caramelized kimchi on top of a bed of fries with your choice of bulgogi. Then it comes with cheese, cilantro and onions,” Xavier detailed.

Some have called them the ultimate hangover cure, and these guys created them.

“We’ve been featured on Food and Wine Magazine for the kimchi fries. The Food Network came out and did a show called ‘Heat Seekers’ with Aaron Sanchez and he really liked our kimchi fries,” Xavier boasted.

Let’s not forget the flattering fact that many other food trucks have tried to recreate their own recipe.

“We love it!” Xavier said, “We take it as a compliment. It’s pretty cool to be a part of such a trendy, unique business. We’ve got a lot of competition and they keep us, just like our customers, keep us on our toes.”

Just imagine the next great food truck creation that could be crafted in their minds.