Woman caught with meth hidden in her vagina

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CENTENNIAL LAKES, MN – The human body has only so many places where one can quickly hide things for easy retrieval at a later date.

Small items can go in the nose or ears, favorite places for kids to hide beans and coins.

The mouth is a good place to hide smaller stuff, too, as long as you don’t swallow, and no one asks you to talk, or to open your mouth wide.

And, there are a couple of other places, well, just one place if you’re a guy, but we can’t go into those right now. You’ll just have to trust us, or use your imagination.

Some ladies recently used their bodies in creative ways to smuggle drugs. Okay, allegedly.

Homeland Security caught two allegedly smuggling cocaine in their hair weaves, a case of curly locks leading to jail locks.

One pumpkin caught on surveillance camera at first looked like she had to use the potty really badly, until pills, not pee, trickled down her leg while she was in a holding cell.

The most recent case of ‘hide and seek’ comes to us courtesy of a Minnesota lass.

Cops in Centennial Lakes say 23-year-old Nicole Denzer was driving erratically before dawn the other day, and drove over a median. Cops busted her on a charge of possession of a controlled substance.

After she got to the jail, one of those drug sniffing dogs started nuzzling her crotch. Cops say she pulled out a plastic bag containing 17 grams of meth and a pipe she had stuffed in her special stash place. You know; the place guys don’t have.

Now she’s looking at 25 years at being good to mama.

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