Zoo staff smear panda urine, feces on selves to help cub

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SICHUAN PROVINCE, CHINA – How far would you go for your job? Probably not this far.

Wildlife workers in China dressed up like a panda and smeared themselves with panda urine and feces. Yes, on purpose.

The staffers got all crap-tastic to mask their human scent. Yea, that will do the trick.

It was all in an effort to get this little guy, two-year old Taotao, back into the wild. Taotao, who was bred in captivity, was at the Wolong Nature Reserve for the past four months, learning how to survive on his own. After Taotao mastered climbing trees and sensing direction, it was time for a dose of the real world.

But he needed a little coaxing and a lot of bamboo. We don’t blame him. It’s a rough world out there.

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