Couple auctioning off sports memorabilia to finance in vitro

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HOUSTON, TX – Todd Nelkin and his family have been running a sports memorabilia store in Houston for more than thirty years. It’s something he hopes to pass on to his children someday.

“I would love this to be something of a heritage and a lineage,” he says.

So when his wife became pregnant, he was ecstatic.

“My wife was on cloud nine. And a couple of weeks later you go for the follow up sonogram and the doctor looks in there and didn’t see any progression.”

Todd and his wife tried in vitro fertilization twice. Twice they were left in the dark. And at twenty-thousand-dollars each attempt, their bank accounts were left dark, too. So now Todd is parting ways with his most prized piece of memorabilia all for a chance at one more in vitro fertilization.

Nelkin is hoping to get the $20,000 necessary to pay for a third and final in vitro fertilization by auctioning off his one-of-a-kind, autographed Barry Sanders, Walter Payton, perfect-ten collector’s card. It’s the only on like it in the world.

The card will appear on eBay later this month and already the word of he and his wife’s struggles has made the rounds. Barry Sanders himself heard Todd’s story and contacted him to make a special offer: another autographed card to replace this one. And while that card won’t be a perfect ten, another chance at having a child will be.