Man buys Lincoln once owned by Babe Ruth

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AMARILLO, TX – Babe Ruth was the greatest baseball player to ever live with or without an asterisk.

So when baseball fan and car collector Lonnie Shelton of Pampa had the opportunity to buy the last car George Herman Ruth ever drove, it was a no brainer.

Shelton’s newest prized possession is Ruth’s old 1948 Lincoln Continental.  The car was a gift to the Yankee legend by the Ford Motor Company for his devotion to Little League kids and the game of baseball. Sixty-four years later, the ritzy ride has 81,000 miles on it and boasts one of the last V-12 engines made in U.S. cars.

The original price tag was less than 5 thousand dollars, but that was before ‘The Bambino’ owned it. The sale price is a secret but it’s easy to believe Shelton coughed up some coin; a lot more than a Baby Ruth candy bar. Last May, one of the Sultan of Swat’s jerseys went for 4.4 million.

In keeping with the Babe’s tradition, Shelton plans to use the car to raise money for kids and charities.  No doubt the Great Bambino would be pleased.