These desserts are more like tiny works of art

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HOUSTON, TX – Candace Chang’s desserts are more like tiny works of art.

“I love cooking, I enjoy food, so I decided to go into baking making desserts. I want something different, not the typical cupcakes and not the typical cake pops,” she said of her desire to create something new. “I wanted to learn something that Houston doesn’t have a lot yet.”

So this Baylor University graduate with a Fashion Merchandising degree went back to her native Hong Kong for a couple years to find that special thing.

“There’s many dessert shops over there and many pastry chefs there, and a French pastry chef over there taught me all these desserts,” she said of her experience.

Chang opened Dolce Delights in Midtown and began selling her mousse cake creations. The flavors range from Tofu Cheesecake to Lavo Mango Crunch Cake.

“All of the desserts are moose cakes. They’re layered so they’re usually cake, and they have a center inside which is a different flavor and its outside is a moose with decoration on top,” she detailed.

Chew on this! Now these tiny delights are serving a bigger purpose. “We partnered up with The Holly Rose Ribbon Foundation. They offer free reconstructive surgery for post cancer patients who couldn’t afford health insurance,” she explained.

During the month of October, every one of the specialty pretty-in-pink Pomegranate Honey Crème Brûlée cake benefits the foundation.

“The outside is a pomegranate moose and inside is a honey Crème Brûlée with a layer of sponge cake on the bottom.” Chang added, “Every cake we sell, I donate $2 to the foundation.”

It’s a purpose that’s close to Chang’s heart. “One of my aunts passed away from breast cancer, another aunt is a survivor of breast cancer, so I really wanted to do something to give back to the community.”

What a delicious way to give back. Your taste buds will be delighted you indulged.