Zookeeper crushed by elephant

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SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – Meet Mr. Shuffles! He may look like a cute Asian elephant on the outside, but he’s actually a killing-machine!!

Maybe ‘killing machine’ is going a little far, but Mr. Shuffles is responsible for putting an Australia zookeeper in the hospital in critical condition.

Lucy Melo, a zookeeper at Sydney’s Taronga Zoo, was training the 2-year-old elephant when he challenged her authority and pinned her against a post.

Melo, whose past zoo credentials include our very own Houston Zoo, remains in critical but stable condition.

No one knows why Mr. Shuffles decided to act out.

We’re sure the elephant didn’t mean to hurt Ms. Melo, but there is always a risk when working with a creature that weighs over a ton.

One animal expert says Mr. Shuffles was likely just being a young male, typical for his age.

Feats of strength, wrestling and accidentally crushing female zookeepers come with the age and territory.

In any case, boys will be boys.