Students suspended for viewing nude photos of teacher

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ANDERSON, IN – A couple of middle school students from Indiana are in hot water after they were caught checking out dirty pictures on a school-issued iPad. But what makes this story extraordinary is who the pictures belonged to.

“It’s not our fault that she had the photo on there,” Joshua Troutt says. “We couldn’t do anything not to look at it.”

Troutt says he and a friend were playing a game on the school’s iPad when one of them pushed a button and a topless photo of their teacher appeared on the screen. Turns out “Ms. Thing” had synced the school’s iPad to her own personal iPhone, you know, where everyone keeps their naughty pictures, and one click of a button gave these kids more than they bargained for.

“It was her fault that she had the photo on there because her iPhone synced to it; she had to have pressed something to make all of her photos sync onto there.”

The assistant superintendent for the district admitted that what happened was “quite by accident,” but that didn’t stop them from suspending the student’s anyway.

“In all reality, you’d think she’d be fired because that’s a nude picture in the school that the students seen,” Joshua’s mom, Nicole Troutt says.

The district says it has taken action against the teacher, but what that action is remains to be seen. As for the boys? Guess you could say they’re doing hard time on the outside.

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  • Matilda_Kerwin

    OK, the students should not be suspended. They did nothing wrong.

    I have to question the reporter's objectivity. Pictures of a bare breasted woman are not inherently "dirty" or "naughty". Please eliminate unqouted, subjective terms from future articles.

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