Ashton Kutcher top paid TV actor… Seriously?!

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HOLLYWOOD, CA- Quick! Think of the best actor on TV.  Ashton Kutcher, right?!

…Okay, we don’t think so either. But the “Dude, Where’s My Car” guy from is the highest paid actor on TV, according to Forbes, having earned $24 million last year.

Have you seen him on “Two and a Half Men”? It’s like watching a bad high school play.

But the guy’s never been too good. Think back to “That 70’s Show.” He had a hard time not looking into the camera while stumbling his way through his lines. Dude– where’s your talent?

Last year, Charlie Sheen topped Forbes Highest Paid TV Actors list with $40 million for ‘his’ role on “Two & a Half Men.”

Ashton’s next-closest runners-up this year? Hugh Laurie, the guy from “House” earned $18 million and Ray Romano matched that (guess everybody ‘still’ loves “Raymond”!). Jon Cryer, Kutcher’s co-star who won the Emmy for Best Comedy Actor this year, came in 7th with $13 million.

Ashton’s big payday must have thrilled his ex-Demi Moore. Rumor is they’re ‘still’ dickering over their divorce settlement because “Kutch” doesn’t want to give up his cash.

With all this talk about boys and Benjamin’s, you might be wondering who the top-paid TV actress is. Forbes gave Sofia Vergara the title in July for earning $19 million last year. With the body of a goddess and the comedic timing of Lucy– she has what we call “real talent”!

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